Looking at Docker (Again)

I downloaded and installed the new Netbeans IDE (version 8.2) and noticed that it had Docker support.  It’s been a while since I looked at Docker, so today I’m going to revisit it.

Got Docker upgraded and running by following the online tutorial.  When I tried to add the Docker instance to Netbeans, I noticed I’d have to change the daemon’s configuration to listen on a TCP port (instead of a Unix socket that I think it runs on by default).  After modifying /etc/default/docker and adding the instance to Netbeans, I could no longer use the client commands like “docker images”.  After sorting through the docs for a while, I found out that the Docker client will use the “DOCKER_HOST” environment variable to set the “-H” option (for “host”).

I also set up a Docker Hub account while going through the tutorial.

In any case, I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to try to exercise Docker a little bit and hopefully I’ll be able to get to it and log what I do on this blog.

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